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National Grid

For media enquiries about National Grid’s electricity transmission network in England and Wales and National Grid Ventures who invest in energy projects such as electricity interconnectors, please contact the National Grid press office on [email protected] and 01926 656 536

(Outside of office hours emails are not monitored, please call 01926 656 536).

National Grid Electricity Distribution

For media enquiries relating to National Grid’s Electricity Distribution network which connects directly to homes and businesses in the Midlands, South West England and South Wales please contact their press office here.

The Electricity System Operator

The Electricity System Operator (also known as the ESO) is legally separate from National Grid and is in the process of becoming fully independent. For media enquiries relating to their work which includes balancing supply and demand for electricity in Great Britain contact their press office here

National Grid in the United States

For media enquiries relating to National Grid’s businesses in the United States please visit their media website here.


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What is the difference between National Grid Electricity Transmission and Distribution?

A good way to think about the difference between our transmission and distribution operations is to imagine Britain’s road system:

  • The transmission network is like the motorways, carrying vehicles (electricity) at high speed (high voltage) across the country. This is the network of big pylons and overhead lines you see around the country.
  • The distribution networks are the local roads, connecting motorways with communities to help vehicles complete their journey. These are the smaller pylons (and underground cables) carrying lower voltage lines.

Our transmission business carries high-voltage electricity around on the ‘motorways’ of the network, and our distribution operation uses the ‘local roads’ to deliver it to where it’s needed in the Midlands, South West or South Wales. Read more here

Who are the Electricity System Operator? How are they separate from National Grid?

The electricity system operator (ESO) manages supply and demand for electricity in Great Britain. In 2019 they became a legally separate part of the National Grid Group. In 2022, following industry consultation, Ofgem and Government decided that the country needed a new, fully independent organisation. In October 2023, the Energy Act 2023 was passed, legislating for the National Energy System Operator to be created. For more information visit the ESO website here

Who owns the electricity networks in Scotland and other parts of England and Wales?

National Grid own the transmission network in England and Wales and the distribution network in the Midlands, South West England and South Wales.

Other companies own the transmission network in Scotland and the distribution networks in other parts of the UK. More information and a map of all network operators can be found on the website of the Energy Networks Association, the trade body that represents the UK’s energy network operators. 


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