Young group of people in discussion around wind energy
In development
NGV have several projects either under construction or in development, here is where you find out more. ​

UK projects in consultation

What is a consultation process?

A consultation process is a series of local information events and engagement in the area where a proposed project will likely be constructed. Consultations are a legislative requirement for project developers and an important part of our pre-application process. It allows us to understand the issues that are most important for the local communities and the feedback gathered at these events helps to shape the proposal and the construction journey overall.​

We engage with stakeholders, landowners and tenants to make sure that project routeing and siting accurately reflects both local requirements and project need. To make sure we effectively engage with the community, we host a number on in-person community drop-in sessions, online webinars, and provide a series of online resources from information packs to online exhibitions.​

Nautilus Offshore Hybrid Asset (OHA)

We are launching plans for a new Offshore Hybrid Asset (OHA) that could supply enough electricity to power around 1.4 million UK homes.


A vital step toward an integrated North Sea Grid, this new electricity link will be between Great Britain and The Netherlands. ​