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About interconnectors

Interconnectors are high voltage cables that are used to connect the electricity systems of neighbouring countries. They allow us to trade excess power, such as renewable energy created by the sun, wind and water, between different countries.

We already have interconnectors linking us to France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands, and each year they power millions of homes. By 2030, 90% of the energy imported by our interconnectors will be from zero carbon energy sources.

Our latest interconnector: Viking Link

Viking Link is a high voltage direct current (HVDC) electrical interconnector that connects the British electricity network to Denmark. The £1.7 billion link stretches for 475 miles between the two countries and at full capacity can transport enough electricity to power up to 2.5 million UK homes.

About Viking Link: Our latest interconnector

Find out more about the world’s longest subsea and land electricity interconnector, the benefits it will deliver and the people who helped bring this exceptional feat of engineering to life.

Discover Viking Link

Interconnectors in operation



BritNed is an independent joint venture with TenneT, connecting the UK and the Netherlands since 2011.

IFA construction worker


IFA is our first link between the UK and France, operated together with RTE since 1986.

Nemo Link

Nemo Link

A joint venture with Elia connecting the UK and Belgium. In operation since January 2019.  

IFA2 construction worker


Find out more about our second link to France, developed with RTE.

North Sea Link

A joint venture with Statnett connecting the UK and Norway. In operation since 2021.

Viking Link

Our latest interconnector developed with Energinet, connecting the UK to Denmark.

A map of connecting countries via interconnectors and MPIs

The next generation interconnector

Interconnectors already provide a way to share electricity between countries safely and reliably. But what if they could do much more than that? What if interconnectors could become an offshore connection hub for green energy?

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Learn more about our interconnectors

Watch this animation to discover which countries are already connected by our interconnectors and where they’re under construction. And see all the different regions that will benefit from the exchange of clean and green energy thanks to these interconnector projects.